Member Apprenticeship

Over the years we’ve welcomed many new members to the club. One comment we’ve heard over and over again is “I wish I knew how to do..” or “I really don’t know how to…”.  Our old program for welcoming members was not helping to teach the hobby. It was providing new members experience in the club but not the important hands-on lessons. This is problematic as many of our members don’t have home layouts to learn. 

Our new program is broken up into departments like electrical department, operations department, track department, and more. A prospective member has six months to go through the list. For each department, headed up by two members, a prospective member gets trained up on that aspect of the layout. Each section is hands-on, so for scenery they might help out by learning how to apply new scenery material. Upon completion a prospective member will know everything needed to be a functional member.

We’re excited to welcome our first participants to the program. We’ll be sharing how the program goes. If you’re interested in participating and becoming a member, stop by the club any Friday we’re open to learn more.

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